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Avonia quinaria is a dwarf long-lived plant that has silvery leaves that resemble watch chains. 

Native to Namibia & South Africa please prefer moderate to cooler temperatures. They are not frost hardy. Avoid watering in winter.

This is an incredibly slow growing plant that has a caudex beneath the soil. The caudex should remain buried with only the crown exposed.

Blooms form at the end of each strand and are a stunning hot pink!

This is a plant I rarely see offered for sale. 

The second photo shows a very old mature specimen in bloom. Copyright Plantemania

Shown in a 2½" pot.

Plants ship semi-bare root with no soil or pot unless otherwise specified. If your overnight lows are below 32F purchase a heat pack . Heat packs can help avoid damage from extremely cold temperatures but only stay warm for 72 hours. Extended travel times can occur during the holiday season.  If you wish to have extra insulation added to your package please email for an extra charge prior to completing checkout.