Bitty Babies Fancy Cutting Set
Bitty Babies Fancy Cutting Set

Bitty Babies Fancy Cutting Set

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Want to jump start a rare succulent collection but don't want to break the bank?

Get 21 mini cuttings (15 imports plus 6 common but beautiful) and get a big bang for your buck! I know how it is to fall in love with imported succulents but not be able to drop $300 or more. Cuttings are the best way to expand your collection quickly without killing your wallet! These plants are rarely offered as cuttings so don't wait too long. They always sell quickly!


Each set has one of each:

Graptopetalum Mendozae variegated 
Echeveria Rainbow (should root quickly then I advise you behead it to force more variegated new growth).

Cotyledon orbiculata  (long leaf variety) 
Graptoveria Titubans variegated 
Crassula Fantasy 
Graptoveria Lovely Rose 
Graptopetalum amethystinum lavender pebbles (AKA pink moonstones) 
Pachyphytum machuae Baby fingers 

Graptoveria 'Fruity pebbles' (has roots) 
Cotyledon Pendens 
Othonna Capensis 'Ruby Necklace' (not pictured it's very purple)
Crassula Clavata (thick leaves)
Crassula Clavata (purple butterfly has roots)
Sinnocrassula yuannensis
Echeveria Luella
Echeveria Zaragoza
Greenovia 'Pink Maple'
Echeveria Monroe
Echeveria Subsessilis variegated
Sedum praeltum (perfectly stressed)
Graptopetalum purple delight
These are all cuttings with no roots (aside from the fruity pebbles & purple butterfly) and vary in size from approximately 2" to ½" diameter. 
I only have 4 sets available and that will be it until late fall.