Springtime rainbow cuttings set
Springtime rainbow cuttings set

Springtime rainbow cuttings set

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A rainbow of succulent cuttings is just the way to celebrate spring being around the corner.
Each set of 12 includes the following:
2 x sedum rubrotinctum 
1 x crassula ovata 
1 x sedum adolphi 
1 x sedum golden glow
1 x crassula ovata 'Tricolor'
1 x crassula ovata 'Crosby compact' cluster
1 x sedum clavatum 
1 x curio repens (formerly senecio)
1 x graptoveria Purple Delight
1 x graptosedum ghosty pink
1 x crassula platyphylla variegated 
Plants ship semi-bare root with no soil or pot unless otherwise specified. If your overnight lows are below 32F purchase a heat pack . Heat packs can help avoid damage from extremely cold temperatures but only stay warm for 72 hours. Extended travel times can occur during the holiday season.  If you have any questions please email info@thisdoesntsucculent.com.