Orostachys Iwarenge Chinese duncecaps
Orostachys Iwarenge Chinese duncecaps
Orostachys Iwarenge Chinese duncecaps

Orostachys Iwarenge Chinese duncecaps

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This year's crop is later than usual so I've lowered the price. Each pot will have a minimum of 3 rosettes. Rosettes will vary in size. 

More mature rosettes have more farina & a more lavender color. 

Cold hardy to -25F by going dormant in the winter. Full sun in areas under 90 degrees.  They will go to seed (bloom) when in prolonged hot weather (above 90 degrees).  They prefer drier air so if you're in a humid climate increase your ratio of inorganics in your soil (preferably pumice).

Orostachys iwarnge are also known as Chinese duncecaps and are a biennial monocarpic groundcover. This means that the rosettes will turn into the blooms after living for two years.  Just that piece of the plant (that individual rosette) will die after blooming but will make lots of pups as well as make seeds that you can harvest. 

It requires full sun and when planted in the ground it is cold hardy to -20F. All the growth above the soil dies off in winter. In spring, the plant puts out new growth multiplying each year.

If you are in a climate with summer temperatures of 90⁰F or more keep them out of afternoon sun. Their native climate is temperate and they do not do well in hot and humid climates without making adjustments to the soil watering.

Grows 2-4" tall. Plant 8-12" apart to give room for it to spread.

Allow for soil to fully dry between watering.

They're a soft green color when in low light and a lovely gray-purple in full sun. 

Orostachys iwarnege Chinese duncecaps will arrive wilted after even a brief time in transit.  Promptly plant in well draining, gritty soil mix, give water, and they will recover within about a week. 

We make every effort to have your plants arrive beautiful and healthy. Leaves and small pieces from clusters can detach even with the most careful packing. Refunds are only given for major damage to plants. 

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