Premium cactus & succulent soil blend

Premium cactus & succulent soil blend

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At least once a day someone asks what my favorite brand of soil is and without hesitation I can say its this custom container mix I source locally.

Only the highest quality ingredients go into this soil blend that is well suited to both in-ground planting as well as containers.

A mix of compost, bark fines, pumice, lava rock, and a small amount of sand it will prevent compaction while allowing excellent aeration and water regulation. The lightweight soil promotes hardy root growth while also giving your plants quality nutrients.

Because it uses pumice and lava rock it lowers your chances of root rot from holding too much water like some soil blends can. A quick test you can perform to check if your soil is gritty enough for succulents is to wet your soil down and scoop a small amount in your hand. Squeeze it in your hand and if after you open your hand it retains its shape your soil is generally too organic for most succulents in most climates.

Your microclimate and plant variety will determine how much organic material you need in your soil mix. If you are in a very humid climate like the southeastern US, we recommend amending your soil with extra pumice (purchase HERE).

Small bag is approximately 14 oz (would fill up three 4" size pots).

Large bag is approximately 25 oz (would fill up five 4" size pots).

If you're interested in larger quantities of soil you can purchase a flat rate box full email us for an invoice.