April monthly/quarterly subscription box

This month you'll receive an agave victoriae reginae and an agave victoriae reginae variegata 'yellow spike'.

Agave Victoriae Reginae, commonly known as the Queen Victoria Agave, is a beautiful and resilient succulent plant that can make a stunning addition to any garden or indoor space. Originating from Mexico, this plant is known for its striking appearance, with its bold green leaves edged in white and sharp spikes on its tips.

This slow growing agave is perfect for the collector who must keep their collection inside during winter. If you're in USDA zones 12-8a this plant will do well being planted in the ground. This agave is native to Chihuahuan Desert which has temperatures ranging from the 120s to the low 30s. These agave are hardy down to 10F but bear in mind that does NOT include frost or freezing. The humidity must be low so that frost doesn't form.

Max diameter is about 18" and 12" tall. For best growth insure a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight. 

It is typical for variegated plants to grow more slowly and be more sensitive to climate conditions than the regular version of the plant.