August Monthly Subscription Box

They're finally here and on their way to all subscription box customers!

Top is (much bigger than anticipated) greenovia Red Cherry. Once exposed to sun & hot temperatures it'll blush to a deep red. 

The cluster is a greenovia Pink Maple. Sun & hot temperatures turn it a lovely bright pink. 

So what next?

1st, plant them in VERY lightly misted gritty soil mix. I like EB Stone succulent mix or Kellogg Palm, Citrus, and Cacts soil with a 3:1 ratio of soil to added pumice. Kellogg can be found at Home Depot or Lowe's. That ratio works best for me because I have my succulents outside & water with a hose. The ratio will depend upon your local microclimate.

Lower humidity you'll need more organic (less gritty) higher humidity more inorganic (more gritty).

I have pumice available in store but you can substitute perlite or chicken grit. I don't have a soil mix recipe for those since I only use pumice but the same ratio of soil to inorganic should work. You don't want bone dry soil but you also don't want it to be wet.

Do NOT try water therapy on these or water propagation. They're fully dormant and can rot with water exposure.

2nd, place in a very bright and sunny spot that gets MORNING sun/LATE evening sun. At this time of year that means sun BEFORE 10am or AFTER 5:30pm.

Succulents can be sunburned especially if they've just been in a box. Growlights that are too close/too strong can burn them initially as well.

Slowly lower your lights closer to the plant to prevent damage. They are less likely to get their full stress color under growlights since temperature is also a factor in coloring.

These greenovia are DORMANT. They should only be given water once they have fresh roots.

It is very common for greenovia to get black marks in transit. It is purely cosmetic.

The easiest way to tell roots are growing is to pay attention to when they rosettes begin to open up. This will start once daytime high temps are below 80⁰F. Don't pull them out of soil or you'll break off the new roots.

Once rooted, water them in the winter just like you would other aeonium.