February Monthly Subscription Box


Thanks for all the love for my subscription box and staying with me month after month!

This month it was such a large handful (and a bit pokey) I had to photo it already planted. This month is PLANTS ONLY no soil or pot.

You'll be receiving a lush and purple senecio jacobsenii purple trailing jade (the more sun the more purple it'll get), a pachyphytum mystery (it's not an oviferum so maybe a clavifolia??), a graptopetalum amethystinum lavender pebbles, a euphorbia trigona rubra, a bright purple echeveria Perle von Nurnberg cutting with baby roots, an echeveria Lola with baby roots, and a sweet tiny graptopetalum Victor Kane variegated cutting *formerly known .as graptoveria Titubans variegated


I wanted to curate a set of pinky purples and red for Valentine's Day.

The euphorbia and echeverias are all WARM season growers so be VERY careful with watering.  All will enjoy full sun but as always be careful with full mid-day sun as even hardy and adjusted succulents can sunburn in very hot temps with full sun.

The euphorbia is very cactus-like with SHARP SPINES so be careful when unpacking. The are also cactus-like in that they will rot with too much water.