February Subscription Box

February's box is a cute "lovebug" pot with a trio of Anacampseros telephiastrum 'Variegata', (AKA anacampseros 'sunrise'), a blushing graptoveria amethorum, and cute sprigs of sedum sediforme 'Turquoise Tails'.

The pot is a reminder that I love you my sweet subscribers!

Anacampseros telephiastrum 'Variegata', (AKA anacampseros 'sunrise') are summer growers that need bright sun year-round but only sparse watering in the winter.

Graptoveria amethorum is similiar to other graptoveria and can grow year-round in climates that are temperate with lots of sun. Be careful not to overwater as the leaves have a tendency to crack when they take in too much water especially in the summer.

Sedum need at least of 6 hours of direct sun for compact and colorful growth. In temperate climates that are also sunny you can get good growth in late winter/early spring. Most sedum can survive temperatures below freezing when planted in the ground. The foliage above the soil will die back in the cold temperatures and then regrow in the spring. Avoid very hot afternoon sun especially if you're in a climate with high humidity in the summer.