January Monthly/Quarterly Subscription Box

Hey Y'all! 
Happy 2023 to my fellow succulent enthusiasts! 
To kick off the year I'm so excited to share that I've found some HUGE specimens of Echeveria Craigiana at a price that allowed me to put them in your subscription boxes!
These are so hard to find and when you do they're usually around $70 for MAYBE a 3" pot.  
These plants are 6" pot sized! The first photo shows what your plant can look like in summer. The second photo shows current coloring.
Since it is winter and not echeveria growing season I'm sending along a little bag of pumice for you to mix into your soil to prevent overwatering. Update I forgot to put these in the boxes.
These have been thoroughly watered prior to shipping so just plant it in LIGHTLY misted soil and then leave it alone unless you see leaves wrinkling or drying from the tip toward the stem.
Happy Planting and I can't wait to bring you more beautiful plants in 2023.