January Monthly Subscription Box

Happy 2022!

Since I shipped the import box in December instead of January this month's box us a mini tillandsia (air plant) collection complete with a little piece of real preserved driftwood. 

Each box contains tillandsia xerographica, juice, ionantha, and usenoides plus one peice of driftwood.

Your box this month included a care card but in case you misplaced it here are the details on how to help your tillandsia thrive.

Firstly, they are AIR plants which means they don't require soil. Not only do they not require it putting them in soil will most likely kill them. They only grow roots that are designed for holding on to something (epiphytic roots) and they actually absorb water & nutrients through their leaves. 

They're in the same family as bromeliads (including pineapples).

They require good air flow to prevent any water from remaining in the nooks & crannies which will cause rot.

You can soak them for 30 minutes then shake out excess water & place upside down for an hour or so to prevent any water pooling inside.

This method works quite well for many people but I manage to kill them this way. 

I prefer to MIST my tillandsia once a week or so (if you're somewhere very humid you might not need to water at all). 

If you have a window in your bathroom you could hang them from the ceiling & they'd be happy! 

Enjoy & I pray your 2022 is healthy & prosperous!