June monthly subscription box

Summer is right around the corner but lets talk about cold hardy succulents!

This month you'll receive a sempervivum 'Lotus Blossom' Chick Charm cluster and a sempervivum montanum (I'm pretty sure that's the ID) cluster.

I'm LOVING the stripes on the Lotus Blossom which is a new plant for 2022 and is hardy in zones 3-8 when planted in the ground. In zones Be careful in hot and humid climates as they need to dry completely between waterings. They also won't enjoy afternoon sun if temperatures are above 90F and can rot. Extra inorganic material in the soil will reduce the risk of rot.

Apply the same care for the other sempervivum. 

My mother has sempervivum (a different variety) in pots on her deck and they've been flourishing through several winters