March Monthly Subscription Box

Top of the month to ya!

 In March everyone is a wee bit Irish. To celebrate the Feast of St. Patrick this month's box is a nod to Padraig and the Emerald Isle. 

 GREEN: Sedum Sandra Mottram This bright green sedum loves full sun & will reward you with a rosy red edge when appropriately stressed. It is a winter grower but doesn't go dormant & needs water year-round.

 WHITE: Senecio Haworthii   Also called the wooly senecio or cocoon plant (the shape resembles a cocoon) senecio haworthii are VERY SENSITIVE TO WATER. In summer it's best to avoid watering unless your plant shows evidence of severe dehydration. The are very prone to rot when watered out of season.

 ORANGE: Sedum adolphi 'firestorm'. Unlike its cousin sedum adolphi 'Firestorm' gets a deep orange edge when exposed to full sun. This prolific grower will grow happily from leaves or cuttings nearly year-round (in temperate cliamates).

 GOLD: Crassula Ovata 'Hummel's Sunset' shows its in ideal stress conditions if its leaves turn golden yellow. Grows best from cuttings and can drop arms if stems are compromised with rot. Be careful not to overwater but have no fear if an arm drops it almost always will grow into a new plant.