May Monthly Subscription Box

This month's plants are a 6" pot sized echeveria Sahara and a 4" size pot of sedum gold moss.

The subtle ruffled edges of the echeveria will get more pronounced as the plant grows larger. Echeveria Sahara can reach about 12" wide. It reproduces by offsets or cuttings (and of course seeds) and is hardy down to 30F provided the humidity is low enough but there is no frost. It loves full sun but as with all echeveria they can go semi-dormant in very hot temperatures despite the fact that they are summer growers.

Sedum gold moss (sedum acre "aureum") is a diminutive yellowy sedum that is hardy to zone 4 (-30F) and prefers full sun in order to keep its sunny yellow color. It is drought tolerant and doesn't need much water. Will show a need for water by wilting. Sedum gold moss can rot if exposed to excessive water in winter.