November Subscription Box

This month's plant is a 6" pot sized Graptoveria Jules!

I LOVE this graptoveria. It shifts color throughout the year based upon its sun exposure and the air temperature. This plant has leaf color that ranges from a yellowy green to a bright purple. These are beginning to bloom now but in order to ensure your plant arrives free of possible pests the blooms will be removed before shipment. Echeveria and Graptoveria blooms are a favorite of mealybugs and aphids and if the buds are still closed it is nearly impossible to ensure there aren't any critters hitching a ride to your house.

While she may look like a fancy plant Graptoveria Jules has quite easy care and will thrive in full sun (protect from afternoon sun if you live in an area with temperatures above 90F in the summer/autumn) and water when dry.

Graptoveria will grow the most during autumn and spring but can grow in winter if you live in a temperate climate.

Protect from frost and temperatures below 32F. Frost can occur as high as 39F depending upon microclimate.