September Monthly Subscription Box

Hey y'all! I wanted to give an extra little something for sticking with me during my delay/change with the July & August boxes so I painted these sweet little pots for you. I added a little gold splatter to mine but yours is just the white to navy ombre. 
This month's plants are:
Graptoveria Opalina (blue leaves/blush edges)
Haworthia cymbiformis var obtusifolia (bright green w/chubby fenestrated leaves)
Echinopsis subdenudata (cactus w/white fluff dots. Does have small spines but no glochids)
Crassula rupestris (tall bright green in back) 
While I have them grouped together for this photo they'd do best grouped with plants of the same genus or plants with similar light & water needs. 
This month each plant will ship in its little plastic nursery pot with soil. 
The Graptoveria, Haworthia, and Crassula are cool season growers so subscribers that can keep plants outside year-round will have them entering their growing season soon. 
The Echinopsis is a summer grower and will go dormant once the weather cools. 
The Haworthia enjoys lower light conditions (ie indirect or filtered sunlight) and does best with a very gritty soil mix.
For best color and most compact growth the Graptoveria Opalina and Crassula rupestris need 6+ hours of sunlight per day. Be careful when introducing them to sun at your house since they will have just traveled in a dark box.
Watering and soil mixes are based upon your individual microclimate.
 Higher humidity means a less organic mix and less frequent watering while those in hot and arid microclimates would do best to increase the organic material in their soil mix and water more frequently.