Box of Death (sad plants and sad cuttings)

Box of Death (sad plants and sad cuttings)

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What is a box of death you ask? Well these are all plants that Rachel cut or purchased with the intention to sell but then had so many plants they started to look a little sad. They are not currently dying but if someone doesn't rescue them they will soon.

So what are you getting? I don't know I'm just going to go around my yard and fill up a medium flat-rate box for you. It could be 2-inch Cactus or a 4-inch plant or or cuttings or anything in between.

If your order requires a heat pack the free shipping can't apply since you'll need a larger box to accommodate the extra space heat packs need. 

The original retail value of the items in the Box would be at least three times not counting shipping so this is definitely a deal.

Rather than raising the price of this box as priority rates continue to rise this box now ships using USPS ground advantage. There is a slight increase in transit times but I can pass on the postage savings and keep the price the same.